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What kid doesn't want to be an astronaut? I probably took the wrong track to realise that dream (I'm not a test-pilot). But my life-long fascination with astronomy and space-exploration continues, and hopefully my mathematics and physics training allows me to understand a little bit of it.

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Handle History

For my first few months on the SE network I was AtomicToothbrush. That was kind of meaningless. I soon changed that to DigitalTrauma. I like the double meaning.

Avatar History

  • First auto-generated avatar:

  • The unicoin theme for April 1st 2014 was fun, so I used a screengrab of that for a few days:

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  • Then I hit upon this one which should be instantly recognisable to anyone who has spent more than a couple of minutes participating on any SE site. It has a certain positivity to it:

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