Muze, all Stack Exchange sites have moderators to supplement the community. A moderator has the ability to perform what we informally refer to as an "insta-close", which immediately closes the question with only one close vote. The community has the ability to override this if they desire by voting to reopen. Many of our users may simply not have the time to ...


No, it would not make a difference. Once you edit a question from the queue, it boots it from the close queue. So now no more queue actions on the question can occur, even if you were a user who hadn't taken a queue action on the question.


There certainly are several reasons why that reason could be used. It's my understanding that the primary reason to close for "unclear what you are asking" is to give the asker a chance to fix the question. If the question remains open while it is ambiguous, then there may be answers written in the mean time that contradict the intent of the question. You ...


As promised, here is the full answer. The best thing you can do in these cases is to comment on the questions to help the OP clarify things and to make a case for the question. Also, if necessary, you can take specific issues to meta to resolve. Other than that, there is not really much that can be done. Close votes are discretionary by nature and are ...


I think that this question should be closed: Is streamline body shape essential for propagation in the vacuum of space? As it seems to be a duplicate of this: Are there enough stray gasses in space to justify streamlining a probe?

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