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I'm a retired shuttle engineer with 30 years experience in mission ops at Johnson Space Center. So, "formerly active", to answer your question directly.


Spent a career in high performance military aviation and served in NASA's Astronaut Corp for eight years. Flew in Space once.


I am a Software Engineer active within the industry. I'm not sure what you mean by "your typical employment is related to the space industry directly", but I work in support of such programs.


I work on rocket turbomachinery at the German aerospace agency DLR.


I can tell you from my experience with our members that we have quite many field professionals here, from those that actually landed hardware on Mars, to those working for large space launch providers and in space systems integration, analytics and space policy, space historians,... That isn't really a coincidence as we actively work in promoting our site ...


As user #12, I'd like to encourage the entire mod team. I'm almost 10k on Meta, that place where moderator actions are either upheld or torn into thousands of pieces, and thus have a somewhat critical eye for these things. I could point to maybe one instance of a question being prematurely closed. That's all I can think about. A discussion in chat with my ...


One thing: How could we moderators improve? Not 'us'. All joking aside, you have done a great job, and I suspect that any controversy stems out of the fact that this site is doing so well. The more a community grows, the more moderators become "the man" keeping everyone down. Some won't see it this way, but some will--especially those who haven't ...


You're doing great! You may wish to try to push the community a bit more into taking matters into their own hands via meta consensus, but this is already happening to an appreciable degree. The more power the community has, the better the moderator-community system works — this system is designed to be community moderated, with mods handling ...

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