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I recently removed the poorly conceived tag small from a question because I wasn't sure if they meant for it to refer to smallsats or small rockets, but it did cross my mind that it might be useful to have a smallsat tag. Something as a catch-all so that we don't have to create tags for all the individual categories aside from cubesats unless we actually ...


Partial answer(s): Is the description of the mission design tag wrong? It is incomplete based on text snippets below and @OrganicMarble's comment. It needs to be revised to better describe what mission design entails. Is the trajectory design tag redundant and/or confusing and should somehow be nixed? I don't think it needs to be nixed; trajectory design ...


I completed the merge and synonym!


Here's a quick inventory of the current tagging status of multi-mission space programs: Manned Mercury: "project-mercury" Gemini: "project-gemini" Apollo: "apollo-program" + individual tags for Apollo 10-17 and Apollo-Soyuz Space Shuttle: "space-shuttle" + the individual orbiters "shuttle-columbia", "...

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