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I have gone ahead and appropriately re-tagged all 18 questions. The tag is now empty. Could a mod please delete it and set this meta-post status-completed? Future questions should use radio-communication, radio-astronomy, or radio-telescope as appropriate.


I've gone ahead and adjusted tagging on: Was it a "Soviet military satellite not in any of the catalogs?" Is the recently discovered VLF-induced radiation barrier in any way important or useful? Everything else stated at the moment seems okay to me.


I can agree it with the condition that it does not destroy content. All the removed radio tags should be replaced by a more specific one (radio-astronomy, radio-communication, and so on). So it is not deletion, but improvement (more specific tag -> more information). Or any edit is okay, if the total information content (measured in bits) grows and does ...


a bot that will track new tags created each week and make a post here on meta with the new tags (assuming there is 1 or more) In principle it sounds wonderful! For example, at the bottom of moderation tools for last 30 days I see we have many tags that should not have been created and need to go to the corn field ASAP. Many people will experience a sense of ...


Users with 2,000 or more reputation already have such a report; it's in the moderation tools (near the bottom of the page). Thanks to @uhoh, this is how it looks like right now:

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