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Or is this a somewhat "invisible" feature that few discover? Hard to prove that, but my suspicion is yes. It is not mentioned in the tour, and in normal perusal of the site you're not likely to stumble across it unless you go digging into users' badges and happen across one who has a tag badge. It could be discovered by reading over the Help ...


Given the positive feedback on the answer and my comment, I've gone ahead and merged/synonymized modeling into 3d-modeling. Please take time when you get the chance to review the questions tagged and remove/retag any that do not fit 3d-modeling.


Agreed. This seems like an un-useful tag currently used for different things on different questions. A 3D modeling tag is a good idea if there are likely going to be more questions and I think there certainly might and would welcome good on-topic questions of that type. We often have questions from people doing other things who need Space SE relate facts (e....


In my opinion, we should try having the acronym tag <-> synonym relation the other way around more often. While "ISS" is a well known acronym, this field is famous for generating an enormous amount of hard-to-understand acronyms. Even though things like environmental-control-and-life-support-system is a bit on the lengthy side, eclss tells me ...

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