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Remember, Ham the chimp pushed levers. Most of the time, in spaceflight discourse, the most significant distinction between "crewed" and "uncrewed" is relevant to safety, not to function. Historically, when chimps have been aboard spacecraft, they were recruited for their expendability (even when we intended and hoped they would survive!) rather than ...


I suggest a "wait and see" approach. Who knows if the name is further refined to the "Roman Space Telescope" or if an acronym such as NGRST ends up being preferred? Let's wait to see what NASA finally ends up calling it.


I don't think the history tag should have any fixed limits. That said, I think as a guideline the tag should probably be used for only Shuttle Era (ended 2011) and before, at the present. As we move forward, naturally more items will become history, which is why I suggest no fixed limits. I'm fine with having a pre-sputnik tag in addition to the history tag....


"Crew" implies a certain level of operational capability that most animals are unlikely to possess, or to at least be able to express meaningfully in the context of spaceflight. I suppose it might be somewhat borderline with great apes, particularly ones like Ham or Enos that received special training to operate equipment. However, even in those two cases, ...

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