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Merge delta-iv to delta4. Make delta-iv a synonym. Leave delta4-heavy alone. Make delta-iv-heavy a synonym.


Rename delta4 to delta-iv. Make delta4 and delta-4 synonyms. Rename delta4-heavy to delta-iv-heavy. Make delta4-heavy and delta-4-heavy synonyms.


Both representations have widespread usage, but the Roman numerals are how it is represented on the official ULA webpage for it. The only major issue is the delta4-heavy tag already exists and would need to be renamed too for consistency. The only other potential issue (which is pretty minor) is delta-iv implies a potential delta-v rocket, but that tag is ...


That tag name makes sense to me. Maybe "uae-hope" could be a synonym.


Mods can intervene to do tag maintenance. There's only two questions on this tag, and both are about Mr. Steven (now Ms. Tree) specifically. I can see how renaming it fairing-recovery-vessel would allow more widespread adoption of the tag. I don't see sufficient justification to create sub-tags at this point. There's just not enough questions about each. In ...

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