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Make microgravity and zero-gravity synonyms.


Yes, all of the law tags should just be law. Fundamentally, this isn't a site about law, and drawing any distinction between the various possibilities of law isn't going to bring a person here or not. Fundamentally, this is a site about space, and unless the word "space" is required to make sense of the word (space-junk, for instance), then it should be ...


Before you create that new tag, stop and consider the following: Note: The example questions used here are intentionally basic and should not be taken as a guideline for what is appropriate to ask on the site. 1. Is this a useful way to categorize the question? For example, if your question is "Why do rockets sometimes explode?", then rockets and ...


I disagree. Definition of regolith: Regolith (/ˈrɛɡəlɪθ/)1 is a layer of loose, heterogeneous superficial deposits covering solid rock. It includes dust, soil, broken rock, and other related materials (emphasis mine). Regolith is a superset of dust, so please don't treat them as synonyms.


The flipside here is called burnination, where the community removes tags. It's worth reading what the overall methodology is, but you should pay attention that tags must be clear We recently reversed a tag synonym because [neo] was potentially vague. I've seen that happen a lot, where a tag goes with an acronym or simple name, and thus you wind up with ...


I propose we merge dust into regolith, per the discussion here regarding subset/superset relationships.

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