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There's a site setting that staff can disable called "allow anonymous edit suggestions" - it's enabled on all sites by default. So a logged-out user can make edit suggestions (that will go through the suggested edit review queue). So, the answer to your question is... kinda. You, as a logged in user, can not make edits anonymously. If you log out, ...


This automatic deletion of good questions are a pain across the Stack Exchange websites. I've posted this feature request on Meta.SE: Decrease the required view count to prevent Roomba deletion when score = 0 on smaller sites.


Thank you for everyone's help! Both questions have been undeleted now, and both have been bountied. By the way @ Glorfindel's answer to With limited remaining brain cells, how can I work in a more roomba-aware way (and not lose track of questions permanently)? links to a very helpful SEDE page where I can now "see into the future" with a list of ...

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