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You can exclude certain terms with the - operator, as described in the Help Center. In this case, since the keywords you want to exclude, you have to make them exact matches with ". Searching for "falcon" -falcon-9 -"falcon-heavy" gives 133 results; it looks like it returns both posts using the word 'Falcon' on its own, and also 'falcon-1'. (I say looks ...


You can abandon the largely useless stack exchange search capability and use duckduckgo, which supports the negation operator much better than google. falcon -spacex -heavy -9 -9s works pretty well.


You can also remove tags using -[spacex], for instance. Try this query.


No, it would not make a difference. Once you edit a question from the queue, it boots it from the close queue. So now no more queue actions on the question can occur, even if you were a user who hadn't taken a queue action on the question.

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