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Any way to award a second +100 bounty to a second answer to the same question?

Subsequent bounties have to go up in value. It seems people were taking advantage of the system. See https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/64826/155668 for the details.
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"Newest questions" button missing when returning from meta

Not a bug and it's not missing, it only displays under the Questions section, never on the Main page. These are two different layouts and you likely navigated from Questions section to our Meta, then ...
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I don't understand why - by design - "ion-thruster" tag remains hidden when I start typing "ion..."

Hyphens are excluded from tag autocomplete. ion-thruster appears as you type ion-t or iont -- hyphens are ignored both ways. ...
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Pod Bay bug, or SE chat feature by design?

As pointed out in @JonEricson's comment, this is how it is meant to work, and so in their infinite wisdom the OP was correct in not including the bug tag. When you paste a bare url, apparently it is ...
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