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Well, answer posts are supposed to actually answer the question. As you say yourself, it couldn't be clearer what the question is: it's "Have light gases like hydrogen or helium been explored for ion propulsion?" I think that your first answer post is inappropriate because it does not answer that question, and I think that's why that post was ...


The question couldn't be clearer The title reads Have light gases like hydrogen or helium been explored for ion propulsion? and in the body the question is repeated: Has the "ion sorcery" for light gases like hydrogen and helium been explored experimentally for future ion propulsion technology? What about neon at least? These are the only ...


Looking at that one specifically, it is very obvious you didn't like Bob's answer, despite it being accurate (he wrote Yes, along with info as to why it wasn't used), and wrote a bit of an attack on him in your post without providing anything useful in an answer. You basically said "Yes, but I don't like the way Bob wrote it" Oh, and then you also ...


I think that this question should be closed: Is streamline body shape essential for propagation in the vacuum of space? As it seems to be a duplicate of this: Are there enough stray gasses in space to justify streamlining a probe?

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