New suggestion: Rename columbia to shuttle-columbia, to allow space for a columbia-csm if needed. Make ov-102 a synonym of shuttle-columbia. Merge sts-107 into shuttle-columbia without synonymizing, just to get rid of the sts-107 tag. If we find that the tag keeps getting recreated, we can revisit making it a synonym.


Synonyms can be made without a tag by that name existing. Please do not create tags just for the purpose of them becoming synonyms.


I strongly disapprove of that because Columbia had a long and storied history. It should not be only known because of the accident. There was also an Apollo command module named Columbia. I hate it when people refer to the failures by the names of the Orbiters. If you're going to make "columbia" = "sts-107" then we need "columbia-...


I could see us getting more questions on the Columbia orbiter. I think a merge/synonym of sts-107 into columbia would be a good idea, not because they are exactly equal, but because we don't need a separate tag for the subset of questions about specifically mission STS-107.

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