Edit 2020-01-14: Due to yesterdays firing of two highly competent and popular community managers, I am no longer willing to take on any additional moderator roles within the Stack Exchange network. I would run if and only if nobody better placed does (and of course only if the community would welcome me). My activity on Space Exploration has been moderate, ...


It is possible for users to also participate in communication. We can read and vote accordingly on the comments and answers to the heavily downvoted An Update to our Community and an Apology. update: @Machavity's comment is high importance so I'll echo it in this post: Apology 2.0 seems to have finally learned the lessons V1 did not but let's wait to ...


While my activity here is modest, if it becomes a situation of "We need a moderator or we will be shut down for lack of people to handle flags, etc" ping me. I will run in the interim if needed to keep the site going. I am a moderator on three other sites (fitness, martial arts and med sci), so I am familiar with the moderation process.

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