My go-to plotting method is Plotly, which generates amazing, interactive* figures in 3D and 2D. The resulting figures are either hosted on Plotly's web page, or in the form of an HTML file on your computer which you can open in any browser**. When you upload a plot to chart studio, you can easily share a link to that figure. They also provide you with embed ...


Cesium.js is a Javascript library designed for visualizing dynamic geospatial data in 3D. It was developped by the same team that developped AGI's STK software. The library is free to use and is very rich in content. Sandcastle is Cesium's IDE-in-a-webpage where people can test their code and visualize the results. One of the recommended ways to use the ...


Since you can code in Python, I suggest taking a look at SageMath which is built on top of Python, and can do various 2D plotting (via matplotlib) & interactive 3D plotting. It's not perfect, but it does have an interesting feature: small Sage scripts can be encoded into a URL that runs on a SageMathCell server, so they don't have to be hosted anywhere.

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