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Advice about dangerous personal amateur projects is off-topic Understand that space exploration is inherently dangerous. While there are some foolhardy people who have done amateur work in this area, the Space.SE community has decided that we will not help people engaged in amateur endeavors to get into low orbit and/or space--at least where it concerns ...


Machavity is spot-on. I would add one more point: Even if you are an authorized and responsible person, there are other people out there who are not Even if it were somehow okay for us to discuss these matters with the specific person asking the question, keep in mind that this site is readable by the public. We don't want some 13-year-old to try ...


I strongly agree with SF's answer that questions should be more science than fiction. However, I can think of one allowable exception. There are certain persons who are considered significant contributors to spaceflight, but have also expressed their visions of what the future of space exploration could be. Wehrner von Braun and Elon Musk come to mind, ...


Sci-Fi is offtopic, Space Exploration is ontopic. The sci questions are somewhere between the two. So, we should project the content to the plane of the Space Exploration, and work accordingly.

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