Edit 2020-01-14: Due to yesterdays firing of two highly competent and popular community managers, I am no longer willing to take on any additional moderator roles within the Stack Exchange network. I would run if and only if nobody better placed does (and of course only if the community would welcome me). My activity on Space Exploration has been moderate, ...


Thank you for your trust! I am looking forward to joining the other moderators in serving the community on Space Exploration. Looks like I already joined, shortly is short indeed.


There's been a lot of chaos and upheaval in the community of late (which is why some other moderators have resigned). Stack Exchange has been plugging their pending community council as a potential solution We’ve completed the process of defining how our moderator council will be structured, shared an internal framework for asking coworkers tough community ...


GdD removed their nomination within 10 minutes of the nomination window closing.


This site has had some complaints by long term contributors that the quality of the questions has decreased. Spaceflight has been increasingly newsworthy and this might be bringing more new users to the site than before. While "close early, close often" might (or might not) be an effective strategy on a high question rate site, it may not apply to ...


TL;DR Are there any benefits for voting for any less than all three choices (1st, 2nd and 3rd)? No. Does the voting robot let us get away with checking any less than all three? Yes. The simplest way to understand it is it's more or less working like ranked choice voting. Let's say we have 100 voters and candidates A, B and C. Our threshold for winning ...


I'm bumping this to remind everyone that self-nomination is now less than two weeks away, as long as this doesn't get rescheduled again. If anyone is interested in joining the mod team, make sure to stop in on or after February 17 and before February 24 to post your nomination. The link to the election location where nominations will be made is in JNat's ...


While my activity here is modest, if it becomes a situation of "We need a moderator or we will be shut down for lack of people to handle flags, etc" ping me. I will run in the interim if needed to keep the site going. I am a moderator on three other sites (fitness, martial arts and med sci), so I am familiar with the moderation process.

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