I would run if and only if nobody better placed does (and of course only if the community would welcome me). My activity on Space Exploration has been moderate, but I am an active moderator over at Earth Science Stack Exchange, which has some overlap with Space Exploration (my day-to-day-work is with weather satellites, which involve both Space Exploration ...


By @uhoh: @AtmosphericPrisonEscape "unclear" is not an objective concept. It's quite clear to me You have used this subjective phrasing before to justify actions. While pointing out how other's phrasing or actions are not objective/somehow not understandable to you, you yourself commit to courses of action that are not objective and far from obvious. ...


Yes. A feeling of stewardship over a shared resource isn't a bad thing and is, to an extent, encouraged. Sometimes, if others disagree with you, you come to meta to denounce them.


I was one of the close-voters. My motivation for closing was that the Cybertruck is a terrestrial vehicle. It is not designed for Mars and there is no way (currently or in the near future) to get such a large vehicle to Mars. That makes it, in my opinion, a purely hypothetical, speculative, and frivolous question no added value. Hence I voted to close.


I agree, it is not off-topic. It is firmly within the scope of planetary science which we allow here. We get a lot of questions mistakenly asked here that belong at Astronomy, and this one happens to also be on topic there, so users sometimes err on the side of marking off topic too quickly. That said, there were some other points raised in the comments to ...

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