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Markdown renderer for answers does not match what is posted when no newline is included before a table

This issue was reported on Meta SE as a bug report a year ago: Markdown preview doesn't match post It hasn't been fixed yet.
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"Newest questions" button missing when returning from meta

Not a bug and it's not missing, it only displays under the Questions section, never on the Main page. These are two different layouts and you likely navigated from Questions section to our Meta, then ...
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Where should I ask question related to indoor farming

Questions about "light frequency, intensity, watt," issues of indoor farming can be asked in Biology SE and Sustainability SE I think. Here's one for example, you can search each site for ...
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I don't understand why - by design - "ion-thruster" tag remains hidden when I start typing "ion..."

Hyphens are excluded from tag autocomplete. ion-thruster appears as you type ion-t or iont -- hyphens are ignored both ways. ...
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Where should I ask question related to indoor farming

There is a Gardening StackExchange, and it has a tag called indoors with over 600 questions. Also has questions about grow lamps and lighting. Just make sure you grow arugula, also known as rocket. (...
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