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Currently there is only a design to represent a space exploration icon, in three versions. Small favicon which looks like Touch icon which looks like Retina icon which looks like You should see all image to be identical to the "looks like" (with different spacing). If there is something different, it's likely caching.


Actually, file size (my original guess) doesn't seem to be the limiting factor here. Using the "link from web" option I was able to embed this 4.5 MB file. If I download it and try to upload it from my computer it rejects it with the error message "Your image is too large to upload (over 2 MB)". Based on your last comment I'm guessing you were trying to ...


Not a bug and it's not missing, it only displays under the Questions section, never on the Main page. These are two different layouts and you likely navigated from Questions section to our Meta, then returned back to the Main site using the top bar link. Top bar menu does not remember which layout you had last selected on either Main or Meta site (tho there ...


Questions about "light frequency, intensity, watt," issues of indoor farming can be asked in Biology SE and Sustainability SE I think. Here's one for example, you can search each site for more: Are two colors (red + blue) necessary for LED grow lights, or would either color be sufficient? There are some space farming questions here in Space SE: ...


As a further proof, I'll upload the image you suggested: What I did to do this (Using Firefox): Open up the website. Right click on the image, and select "Copy Image Location". was copied to my clipboard. In Stack Exchange, click the image button, ...


Hyphens are excluded from tag autocomplete. ion-thruster appears as you type ion-t or iont -- hyphens are ignored both ways. Also, tag autocomplete is a full text substring match, not a prefix search, by design.


There is a Gardening StackExchange, and it has a tag called indoors with over 600 questions. Also has questions about grow lamps and lighting. Just make sure you grow arugula, also known as rocket. (Fun fact: Marco Polo named the Chinese invention "rocket" because it was shaped like an arugula leaf.)

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