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The Criteria for the gold tag badge is difficult to meet, lesser badges do nothing. The site needs enough questions with the tag so that a user can get 1000 score on answers to the tag; with answers without downvotes they'd be a 10K user minimum, if they provided answers on only one tag. That reduces the number of users eligible. Our highest reputation user ...


Or is this a somewhat "invisible" feature that few discover? Hard to prove that, but my suspicion is yes. It is not mentioned in the tour, and in normal perusal of the site you're not likely to stumble across it unless you go digging into users' badges and happen across one who has a tag badge. It could be discovered by reading over the Help ...


Tag badges exist only for those tags with at least 100 questions about the subject. As of this very second, that tag has 97 questions. So go ask 3 more questions and the badge will be yours!

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible