I think it would be on topic because they are employed (at least in this instance) for the purpose of a space launch.


IMHO, it's not a bad question at all. That you so far got only up votes (and not only few at that, which for a Sunday is a pretty good feat on our still young site), no close votes and at least two helpful answers (and a copy edit) that might help someone else wondering about the same thing too means the question has been accepted by our community. So what ...


There is an identify-this-object tag for just this sort of thing and it's quite active and well-written questions are generally well-received. Your question should contain basic information about the photo including at least the approximate location, time and date and any other details you have. I see that you do have estimated time and location so this ...


On sites with a larger volume of users, spamming is a bigger issue, so rate limiting is a helpful tool to ease the load of community moderation. We don't have a problem with the moderation load here.


No. Odds are that someone else will have the same question, and you can help them by keeping your question in place. Deleting questions should be saved for those that are not clear or off topic.


First, I'd say that the existence of a similar question on a different SE site is not a valid reason to close as a duplicate. Askers are expected to check this site for previous questions before asking their new question. However, to expect them to check all of the other SE sites is just absurd. If you see such a question posted on this site, you may ...


Topicality This is addressed in @called2voyage's answer but I'll add the following: I'm the author of the linked comment which includes: ...so I think it's a great follow-up question. Please consider just posting it as a new one and linking back here for background. It would only need to be a sentence or two max, and could use the same tags" and the ...


I asked a very similar question on Worldbuilding SE, and it was well received there. I would recommend asking that type of question over there rather than on physics SE, as you don't end up in the uphill battle of "crank physics".

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