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Summer of Space

There are 3 large potentially helpful sources of questions that are going on right now. I suggest we take as much advantage of them as possible, to see if we can get this site promoted to the next ...
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GPS: An Introduction to Satellite Navigation, with an interactive Worldwide Laboratory using Smartphones

There is a Coursera course going on now that I think might be of interest to a lot of people here, that can be found at . It talks about how GPS navigation is ...
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6 answers

Topic of The Week [frozen due to lack of community support]

This is the second quarter 2014 Topic of The Week thread, where we are gathering suggestions for which of our main site tags should receive more attention and we should focus on providing more ...
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17 answers

Topic of The Week Q1/2014 [duplicate]

For the first quarter of 2014, we're going to make a new Topic of the Week thread - the old one was getting rather crowded. The plan is to make a new one every quarter or so. From the old one: Each ...
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TOTW - Haiku questions?

Like my question TOTW - Alliteration questions? could we consider a Topic of the Week where the questions are in the form of a haiku? Just looking for a fun way to raise interest... (Also since ...
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TOTW - Alliteration questions?

Could we do a week where we aim for alliterations as the question topic? Pointless, but possibly fun or funny?
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7 votes
19 answers

Topic of the Week H2/2013 [duplicate]

This was the Topic of the Week thread for 2013. The current thread is here. Please post new suggestions there! One of the things that Stack Exchange in general has found effective is to devote a week ...
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