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Why does it not show when the next time I can ask a question?

Normally when I reach my question limit it tells me a date when I can ask again. Now it just says: Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. ...
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3 answers

Are we downvoting enough?

Stack Exchange has a built in system that blocks a user from asking more questions if their others have been low quality. From this Help Center page: Stack Exchange has automatic filters in place ...
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Should we be more aggressive in handling conspiracy theory answers to unrelated questions?

Every so often, we get some crank coming by and polluting reasonable questions with often unrelated conspiracy theories, usually about moon hoaxes and what-not. When I see these, I generally flag as ...
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Truth vs Presentation

In this question some feedback made me wonder, what matters more in an answer, truth or presentation style?
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How can I take a more active part in Space Exploration on Stack Exchange

I'm a PhD student studying space. I've been a part of stack exchange for ages and recently came across space exploration! Having answered a few questions on the forums I'd like to offer my time to ...
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Good questions on expanding living space for humans?

In the interest of generating more quality questions here, what questions or categories of questions would be a good fit for SEx.SE (love that acronym) on the subject of more living space for humans? ...
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6 answers

Site Evaluation- First 4 days

How are we doing as a site? What kinds of questions are we choosing as the most interesting questions, and which of them are questions that are valuable, and which should we eliminate? (This post ...
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