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Community Policy Repository

This is the official repository for general community policy decisions. On Posts What is the best approach to asking questions? Can I write an answer to my own question and accept it? When can I post ...
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How to determine when a question should or should not be duped to "...Moon landings are real?"

I'm a little confused. I was under the impression that questions which attempted to raise conspiracy theories or challenge facts related to the Apollo Moon landings might be marked as duplicate to "...
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Why can't I ask my question about amateur space projects and development?

Notice: For clarity, not all amateur projects are off topic, just those that represent intent to perform work matching the bulleted list below. Why are questions about my personal amateur space ...
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Rules for "Science Fiction" questions

Are there any rules we want to establish for science fiction-style questions (like this one)? I know Physics.SE doesn't allow any Sci-Fi style questions in any form. Do we want to adopt a policy ...
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