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2 answers

Should old questions by a deleted user not be re-asked just so someone can choose the accepted answer?

The following question was asked 26 days ago: Is there independent evidence that China landed a robot on Mars in May 2021? Since then, the asker of the original question has deleted the account. An ...
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Is there enough overlap between these four "space ship shape" questions to close at least one as duplicate?

Is there enough overlap between these four "space ship shape" questions to close at least one as duplicate? Are there enough stray gasses in space to justify streamlining a probe? Is the ...
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1 answer

Are these two similar questions ripe for merging?

Answers to my recent question How hard does atmospheric drag push on the ISS? Is it more than one pound? and the 2015 question What is the ISS drag? both provide numbers for the drag force that the ...
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How does one reask something that has changed since it was previously asked?

Ive been sorting by most votes on questions and occasionally come across something for 2014. Usually Sometimes these articles end with "we dont know but probe X in 1-3 years will give us that ...
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Duplicate in part? Solved

I had a question that had a part of it that included the duplicate, but it mostly was not a duplicate. Can it be reversed if it was mistaken? I was not voted on hold but moderator put it on hold. I ...
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Can this Duplicate message be removed?

This answer on escape velocity is better and simpler for laymen than this one, and should not be closed as duplicate. As soon as read the first paragraph from here, I got it! As opposed to the ...
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My question has been marked as a dupe but isn't one

I'm complaining about the "duping" of this one which I posted at Space Exploration, last night: Wouldn't it be better to leave Earth less dramatically? The people who marked it as a dupe are wrong, ...
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