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Regarding moderating the new Code of Conduct

To hopefully alleviate concerns regarding the new Code of Conduct, I want to explain how I intend to moderate regarding pronoun use. When speaking generically, posts should use gender neutral ...
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Was reverting this edit correct?

I noticed this edit and thought it was questionable. Several of the substitutions didn't even seem technically correct--e.g. "burning plasma" and "half combusted". However, the ...
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Who is approving these edits?

Similar to Was reverting this edit correct? An edit to this question was just approved that contained gratuitous misspellings and use of all caps. Is there some more sockpuppeting or something going ...
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Why are "edit callouts" being removed from other people's posts?

I had an edit to a post that removed an "EDIT:" flag from one of my posts. I see this as counterproductive and obfuscatory. Stack Exchange has a tools and cues throughout the interface that allows ...
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