Check the revision history (under "edited <date>") to see the question.


Between this line and the previous, there are many lines that are not rendered because SE think they are just HTML tags. Here is the content of them, whit the "<" and ">" stripped:

HTML, or presumed HTML tags are stripped in the rendering, that means I can add a comment like this. Is it a good idea to comment on formatting, grammar or choice of words in this way to a future editor, instead of in the comments, as it is not directly related to the topic of the question?

Of course just in the cases where the comment is of no use for a person reading the question, except when that person want to edit it.

example usage:
the following snippet is intentionally not marked as code (Inside, to be hidden for everyone, except an editor. /end example

feature or just a terrible practice?

Gerrits answer:

As you can see, it is completely blank. Because only users that are logged in can see it through the version history, I have decided to include the actual text of it here:

<!-- You can use proper HTML tags to effect the same, rather than stuff that gets stripped and that will display a warning next to the edit box. -->

<!-- I think it should be fine. I can't think of any reason why it would be harmful. -->


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