For a site supposedly wholly and unabashedly devoted to rocket science, this tag is kinda superfluous.


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Agreed. Might I add that we already have such tags as / , many more specific ones, and also the tag (the latter also quite possibly superfluous and questions that use them should be checked if they could be re-tagged with more specific / descriptive ones). So yes, superfluous².

I however propose synonymizing with (on grounds of going through the questions that use them and noticing they are all about rockets and none about rocket science that isn't about rockets LOL), with the latter being a merged master, so the system automatically replaces former with the latter (all existing ones and on submit), while keeping former as a select option during question tagging for easier searching. "Burniation" and "blacklistion" seem rather severe tho, despite the temptation!! :)

Update (Jan. 13, 2015): Done! Here's how these two tags were merged and synonymized:

enter image description here


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