Like my question TOTW - Alliteration questions? could we consider a Topic of the Week where the questions are in the form of a haiku?

Just looking for a fun way to raise interest...

(Also since Meta points don't count, lets see how many downvotes I can generate, in good faith!)


I'm afraid that I'm in opposition to this as well - many of the points in Robert's answer to your other question apply here:

If it isn't already obvious from the voting, I just don't think you strive for too much "pointless" fun running through your front page. It's going to set the tone of your site for a lot of folks for a long time to come.

But +1 for spirit points.

Imagine if you came to this site for the very first time, and found the front page full of Haiku questions - would you come back? It's rather hard to phrase a good question in the form of a Haiku - forget about answers. Let's let mSO keep the Haiku thing.

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    $\begingroup$ Bah humbug! Worth a shot. $\endgroup$ – geoffc Nov 28 '13 at 20:13

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