TASTI 2023 (Taiwan International Assembly of Space Science, Technology, and Industry) runs all next week in Taipei. There will be many talks - some days have several parallel sessions. (keynote speakers).

Because of the Taiwan Space Agency (formerly NPSO)'s big footprint in the GNSS signal occultation measurement of atmospheric water vapor for weather prediction via the FORMOSAT program and now with the successful launch of TRITON/FORMOSAT 7R many of the talks by both US' NOAA and Taiwan's space agency and meteorological community will somewhat dominate the conference. However there will be presentations by several other space interests, including about the Advance Rocket Research Center's upcoming hover tests and eventual launches.

I'm overwhelmed by all the choices, so I'd like to ask this meta question:

Question: If you attended TASTI 2023, which talks might you find particularly interesting/informative?



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