Is there a way to know how much of our asking/answering/editing and other activities come from high rep users? In other words, is there a way to see how many questions are asked by users over 2000 rep (other than counting, of course)?


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You could write a data.stackexchange.com query. Per the schema in this meta post

  1. using the Posts (questions and answers) and PostHistory (edits) tables,

  2. you can narrow your query down by PostTypeId and PostHistoryTypeId,

  3. then correlate the UserId with an Id in the Users table

  4. and filter by that UserId's Reputation

There are some places where that won't quite work; for example, in PostHistory a UserDisplayName field is populated when the user has been removed, so there are some edits where you won't be able to determine the reputation of the user involved. Reputation also isn't stored as a function of time, so your population of "high reputation" users will change as more people climb through 2,000, retroactively changing whether some posts and edits were made by a "high reputation" user than not (conversely, temp bans reduce displayed reputation to 1 and presumably also do that to the reputation provided by the field in the Users table.)


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