A low-power tag on the site is , with a mere 12 questions.

I see at least four different usages:

  1. 3D modeling
  2. Model rockets
  3. Orbital mechanics.
  4. Modeling of other phases of space-flight, such as launch.

This does not seem like a very useful tag. If you are modeling something mathematically, it's better to just use the name of the thing you are trying to model rather than the generic name.

Suggested actions:

  • Get rid of this tag.
  • Create a new tag for the relevant questions.
  • Add the relevant problem, such as to mathematical modelling problems.
  • Replace with where appropriate.
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    $\begingroup$ Since there's only 12 questions, the easiest course of action is probably merging modeling into 3d-modeling and then retag the questions that don't belong. $\endgroup$
    – called2voyage Mod
    Oct 19, 2020 at 18:59

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Given the positive feedback on the answer and my comment, I've gone ahead and merged/synonymized into . Please take time when you get the chance to review the questions tagged and remove/retag any that do not fit .



This seems like an un-useful tag currently used for different things on different questions.

A 3D modeling tag is a good idea if there are likely going to be more questions and I think there certainly might and would welcome good on-topic questions of that type. We often have questions from people doing other things who need Space SE relate facts (e.g. I'm writing a novel about a Lagrange point and need to know some facts...)

Retagging questions not related to 3D modeling using other existing tags when necessary/useful is the right course.

just fyi this list of tags that need a little love still has some uncompleted items.


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