I am opening this question on suggestion by called2voyage here.

There currently exists an tag, but no tag. Emergencies and Contingencies are quite different.

From what I understand:


  • Are not intended to be part of the main mission
  • Can be solved, and the mission may be able to then proceed normally.


  • Are not intended to be part of the main mission
  • Are emergencies
  • Will result in different mission results, and allow for partial failure of the mission (eg. allowing people to return alive, but without experiment results) rather than a complete loss (eg. everybody dies)

Examples of contingency planning in space exploration:

  • All Space Shuttle missions after Columbia had rescue flights planned. See the STS-3xx and STS-400 (The last shuttle mission, STS-135 would have used Soyuz capsules rather than another shuttle for the contingency)
  • Astronauts currently on the ISS can ditch the station and return in their capsules if need be.
  • Probably every detail in every space mission had extensive contingency planning (especially for human spaceflight)

Would the tag be , or ?

One issue that would arrise with a contingency tag, is that every contingency question will likely also be tagged .

This new question would be adequate for / but not



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