Two questions just asked:

  1. How do we know that an exoplanet is tidally locked to the parent star?
  2. Do tides occur on planets like Neptune, having water?

while probably not off-topic here, are definitely on-topic in Astronomy SE, and might receive better answers there. The first even has aspects of observational astronomy of exoplanets and solar system evolution which may not really be on-topic here.

Further, they both involve tidal forces, which happens to be this month's featured tag in Astronomy!

While answering them here with short, basic answers might be helpful to the OPs, I think both of these could receive better answers in Astronomy and those answers would serve readers there better.

I wonder if these should be both migrated there?

update: The've booth been migrated

Question: I wonder if it's possible to start sketching out some basic helpful guidelines for what is better asked in Astronomy SE versus Space SE?

For example, question #1 involves both observational astronomy of exoplanets and solar system evolution over billions of years, and those really seem better asked in Astronomy.

I'm not suggesting we need a rule, but a few guidelines that can be pointed to in comments might be all it takes to raise awareness of a good way to tell.


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